"Our task is to help our clients to improve and maintain their professional image and valuable wood assets"

Toronto Refurbishing accomplishes this by refurbishing existing wood furniture and architecture using state-of-the-art water-based finishes and application techniques. Therefore our clients achieve outstanding wood architecture/furniture appearance while saving significant capital replacement costs and simultaneously reducing their environmental footprint.


Be part of our dedicated team. 


Evolve your skills on an ongoing basis.


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We, at Toronto Refurbishing Ltd., provide on-site professional services that solve client's problems associated with wood finishing in both millwork and furniture. Our clients choose us to save the capital cost of replacing millwork and improve their environmental impact through their LEED® certification. Our clients depend on our highly-skilled workforce, reputable standards, and responsive services.   

What We Can Offer You

Comprehensive Health Benefits

Hands-on Training

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Flexibility in work location and hours

Eagerness to learn and apply new skills

Strict compliance of customer confidentiality

Exceptional teamwork under demanding conditions

Reliability and Dedication


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Rob Trentadue

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