Condominium Suite Doors, Replace or Refinish?


A prestigious condominium building in Toronto had a massive problem with suite doors that were significantly worn with multiple scratches, fading, gouges and water damage. These doors did not complement the look of the attractive building thereby generating substantial tenant complaints.


Tenants believed that the doors needed to be replaced in order to match the elegant appearance of the building. A custom oak stain was required. The scope of wood to be refinished included:

  • 400 suite doors

Traditional Solution

Replacing all suite doors was the original decision. Replacement quotations ranged from $600-$1,000 per door, including manufacturing, installation, and colour matching. Note that suite doors are, by Fire Code, an expensive product as they must have a minimum 40-minute fire door rating. Therefore, this project would have originally cost the condominium $240,000 to $400,000. The manufacturing lead time and installation time exceeded 10 weeks.

Toronto Refurbishing Solution

Now compare Toronto Refurbishing’s solution at approximately $45,000, $112 per door. Rather than replace the suite doors, we were able to chemically wash the doors, fill any scratches and gouges with an approved epoxy putty, grain the repairs to appear invisible, colour match the doors to the trim, and finally hand-finish the existing wood doors back to their original beauty. This was all accomplished with Fire Code rated materials over a 3 week period with minimal disruption to tenants. This equalled a capital cost savings of at least $195,000, and saved at least 7 weeks of project execution time.

Do you need to meet new design requirements with your wood refinishing? We’ve got you covered! Not only can we restore wood millwork to its original condition, we can also alter its colour and provide a variety of different finishes. 

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