Refurbishing the Furniture in a 380 Room University Residence


A residence building on an Ontario university campus was in need of substantial refinishing prior to the start of the upcoming academic term. The wood furnishings had experienced significant damage over many years of use and needed to be repaired. This was part of a large renovation project that included replacing the carpet flooring. This large-scale project needed to be carried out during the summer months when all the rooms were vacant, and would require significant coordination among the many parties involved in different elements of the renovation.


Refinishing the wood furnishings in 380 rooms in coordination with other parties under a tight timeline was the challenge. The scope of wood to be refinished included:

  • 380 desks
  • 380 built-in wall units
  • 380 entrance doors

Traditional Solution

Replacing all the wood furnishings would need to be the last step of the project, increasing the potential for damage to occur to newly refinished surfaces during transport throughout the building. It would also increase the amount of coordination required, as it would involve a multi-step process of removing the old furnishings (including the built-in wall units), purchasing and delivering the new furnishings, and installing these new furnishings. With this large-scale project already involving many parties and coordination efforts, minimizing further coordination efforts was key to reduce the potential of errors and delays. Replacing all the furnishings would also require significant capital, estimated at $1,710,000, averaging at $4,500 per room.

Toronto Refurbishing Solution

Toronto Refurbishing, through its on-site service standards, was able to coordinate efforts with the other parties to complete the refurbishing of the wood furnishings as the final step of the large-scale renovation. Our on-site service standards eliminated the need for removing the damaged furnishings, reducing the potential for unnecessary damages and delays. With the project being completed indoors, our environmentally-friendly water-based technologies reduced smells and off-gases, and allowed fast curing of the finishes. The cost to the university was $361,000, averaging to $950 per room. This amounted to total capital savings of approximately $1,349,000.

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